8 Essential Tips for Safer Online Gambling

When it comes to safer online gambling there is no shortage of resources designed to keep you from harm. It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting your local high street casino or signing up online, you are sure to come into contact with responsible gambling literature or ads.

You may take a look at it and think that gambling safely online doesn’t concern you. Maybe it doesn’t right now, but can you be sure that that will always be the case?

Things change, people change, and we are all just one step away from a life-changing incident in our lives. This could be something good of course, like winning the lottery or getting that job promotion you’ve been hoping for. Equally, though it could be something negative like an illness or a marriage break-up.

This is why the safer gambling tips that I am about to give you may just save your sanity. If not now, then possibly in the future. Of course, I am praying that you will never encounter difficulties in life due to gambling. I am hoping that you are the type of person that always prefers to gamble online safely. If that is you, then you probably already follow these safer gambling tips. If it is not then I hope that you read them and take time to think.


Playing at the best UK slot sites can be a fun and enjoyable pastime or a heart-rending emotional roller-coaster. Playing slots online certainly shouldn’t reduce you to tears or mean that your loved ones go hungry. Follow these simple guidelines for a safe, satisfying slot-playing experience.

  • Playing at the best UK slots sites is not a guaranteed way to make money
  • Only play slots online with money that you can afford
  • Don’t chase your online slots losses
  • Set yourself a loss limit every month
  • Set yourself a time limit too
  • Don’t play slot games online when you are upset
  • Play slots online but do other things too
  • Don’t drink and play slot games online. They just don’t mix!

Always remember one important thing. Never go into an online gambling session thinking you are going to break the bank. Nobody ever broke the bank at a casino starting off with £/$/€20 no matter what the song says. The only people that have ever done this began with millions of dollars in the first place. If that is your incentive then better if you find another pastime, like fly fishing. 

There are many different ways that a person can suffer from addiction. The most destructive are drugs, and the most common is alcohol. Although you may consider that gambling addiction is not so bad when compared to these it can nevertheless if left untreated cause tremendous damage.

Safer online gambling for everyone

In order to ensure that everyone is gambling safely online a number of government and independent initiatives have been set up. These initiatives are designed to target everybody, young and old so that each person has enough knowledge to make an informed decision.

As part of our commitment to responsible gambling, we have listed them here so that you will be able to gamble online safely. Even if you don’t have a gambling problem, or you don’t know anybody that has a problem gambling these links may still be of value.

  • https://www.taketimetothink.co.uk/ is a national safer gambling campaign managed by the Betting and Gaming Council which offers a range of tools for anyone affected by gambling.
  • https://www.begambleaware.org/ whose logo you will come across on most gambling operator websites offers confidential help and support to anyone worried about their own or someone else’s gambling. They operate a 24-7 National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133.
  • https://www.ygam.org/ is an organization that is particularly concerned with the welfare of children and young people. They use a range of evidence-based programmes to educate young people on the potential harm that excessive gambling could cause.

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